The Plough & Harrow - Harpenden, August 10th

"I only wish they would come back and play in London. - Debra Springett

I had been waiting to catch Light Alloy again since seeing them at Woodford Green, Essex, 9 months ago, an excellent band with a great mix of songs old and new, finally caught them on Saturday at The Plough and Harrow in Harpenden.

This lovely venue had a great atmosphere and audience participation which got even better when they performed their exceptional cover of Comfortably Numb, that came with a great dance routine from the crowd which was very entertaining to watch. Another favourite was Lady Antebellum's Need You Now, Dakota followed by many other great songs. All in all, a brilliant night, not to mention Van Halen's Jump and of course, everyone did, this is a must see band.

I do not expect to be waiting another 9 months before I see them again. Possibly one of the best cover bands you will see and as they have been playing for such a long time, (25 years), they most definitely know their stuff, I only wish they would come back and play in London. Debra, live music fan, Essex

TESTIMONIALS. - Landlords and Promoters

"these guys are brilliant" Dave, landlord of The Plume of Feathers, Little Wymondley between Hitchin and Stevenage

"THIS BAND IS THE DOG'S **LLOX! One of our most popular acts, very entertaining" Grant Hollier. Landlord of The Plough and Harrow, Harpenden.

"This band certainly know how to entertain. Whatever you do, try and see this band the next time they are out, you will not be disappointed, I can assure you" - Rob Vernon, Bedford Bands Website.

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed last night. I came to see you on the recommendations of friends. Thanks for a brilliant night" Diane, live music fan / Composer, Bedford

REVIEWS. - Stevenage, Bedford, Knebworth, Hertford and Kings Langley, Watford

The Horns, Watford - Saturday 29th August 2009

"Un-knowingly, Watford had waited more than five years for the assault of Light Alloy, and on Saturday 29th August they arrived at The Horns with all guns blazing! With a combined audience of hardened ?Alloyettes? and some 100 punters consisting regular Horns ?Smelters? anticipating the hot blast of sound waves?

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If you want to hear songs that you remember from your younger days or played endlessly by your Mum and Dad and are now engrained in the back of your brain, then a night out at your local pub would seem to be top of the list. Also, their mix of humour and in-band jibes (courtesy of bass man Ian Adamson), assures that LA offer just the right amount of interlude prior to the resounding opening chords of yet another infamous blast from the past and a journey through time back to the days of RAWK with knobs on!" Phillip, live music fan

Kings Langley Primary School - Saturday 6th June 2009

"Light Alloy what a fantastic band, Ian and the lads !!!? did a great job at making our first ever school ball a real success,from the first song right through the night, the dance floor was buzzing,shame they had to end,we've already booked them for next year's." - From the Karen Pearce, one of the organisers of the Kings Langley Primary School Ball, 6th June 2009

The Plume of Feathers, Little Wymondley - Saturday 8th March

Standing room only at this gig - usually a sleepy little village, the Plume was rocking all night long. Never seen the pub so packed, and all to hear this brilliant band. Full and varied set, from Greenday, Pink Floyd, Prince to Blink 182 and many more, all magnificently performed. Mike, the landlord, was happy to play drums on Quo, and I quote, says 'these guys are just brilliant'. Well done to the drummers's daughter for We Will Rock You!

Do not miss the opportunity to see this band - they are brilliant, and I would challenge anyone to say they didn't have a great time!

Thanks to Jilly D and Mr Tom for this review

The Station, Knebworth - Friday 18th July

Fridays entertainment was provided by Chris, Mick, Ian, Rob and Chris, AKA Light Alloy.

It was a great, entertaining evening, with the audience up on the floor dancing for most of the bands second set. Light Alloy are a fine local band, who enjoy performing, and give a good, entertaining performance. Ians often humorous comments showed that the band don?t take themselves too seriously. I look forward to the next time I see them play.

DNB - thanks to Dave Barber, for his review.

Charridy Gig, Bedwell Community Centre, Stevenage - Saturday 19th July


Light Alloy at The Lizard, Bedford. - Saturday, 8th March

Rushed up the road to The Lizard and was knocked out to find the place VERY busy. It seems that Light Alloy have hit the spot with the great Bedford public. The place is rocking! People dancing, drinking, laughing and listening to a great band!

Their first set all played with energy and passion. This band certainly know how to entertain. Its a good sign when a few people get up and dance.... however, for these guys, the dance floor was absolutely packed.

To give you some idea of the entertainment value of this band, check them out for yourselves The Status Quo numbers were superbly done, with tongue in cheek, and excellent wigs!

Whatever you do, try to see this band the next time they are out, you will not be disappointed, I can assure you!

Rob Vernon - Bedford Bands Website

Hertford - Saturday 21st April

Have heard of this band but never seen them til last Saturday. Venue - completely wasted as this band should have centre floor.

Great act, very professional, and the songs kept rolling out. Loved the accessories, wigs and all - would recommend them to anyone who wants a real good night out.

Comfortably numb to Delilah, to Maroon 5, Kaiser Chiefs, and finishing with Blink 182 - really know how to get you dancing. Also good to see varied age groups enjoying themselves.

Jilly D - Music fan